Whit Ayres’ Conversation with Bill Kristol

Whit Ayres joined Bill Kristol for a conversation about the State of the Republican party nomination:

Whit Ayres, June 19

Whit Ayres appeared on Voice of America to discuss the importance of Florida in President Trump’s reelection campaign:

Whit Ayres at AEI, February 24

Whit Ayres spoke about the Demographic challenges facing Republicans at “States of Change,” an AEI/Brookings/CAP event held on February 24.  Whit’s presentation starts at the 3:10:19 mark (where the video below begins).

Whit Ayres, November 1

Whit Ayres shared his thoughts on the likelihood of Republicans gaining control of the Senate on the Journal Editorial Report:

Dan Judy at the National Journal Congressional Connection Event

Dan Judy joined Ron Brownstein, Kristen Roberts, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Guy Molyneux, and Jared Bernstein to discuss National Journal’s Congressional Connection poll, the government shutdown, and the debt ceiling.

Congressional Connection Poll Event from National Journal on FORA.tv

Please click here for the video.

Whit Ayres, November 3

Whit Ayres’ comments on Independents during the Journal Report on FoxNews.

Whit Ayres, September 28

Whit Ayres’ interview with Jerry Sieb for the Wall Street Journal‘s D.C. Bureau webcast:

The Republican Party in Tomorrow’s America

Whit Ayres’ comments about Republican prospects in an increasingly diverse electorate start at the 40 minute mark:

The Republican Primary Dating Game: Will Romney Get the Girl?

Whit Ayres’ comments on Mitt Romney and the Republican primary electorate during the National Journal event with Charlie Cook on Valentine’s Day:

The Context of the Health Care Debate in 2012

Jon McHenry discusses the context of the health care debate in the 2012 elections.

Resurgent Republic Survey of Florida Hispanic Registered Voters

Dan Judy discusses our survey of Florida registered Hispanic voters conducted Jan 16-19, 2012.