Jon McHenry, May 28

Jon McHenry’s comments to National Public Radio regarding former Governor and Ambassador Nikki Haley’s trip to Israel:

Jon McHenry, a Republican strategist with North Star Opinion Research, says Haley’s visit appears designed to shore up U.S. support for Israel. He noted that President Biden, who has long been a supporter of Israel, has faced vocal opposition from the left wing of the Democratic Party over his Israel policy.

“I think it’s probably a good reminder for President Joe Biden as he’s looking to pull some of those Nikki Haley voters in the primary to his side in the general election that this is where they’re at,” McHenry said. 

The trip may also help burnish Haley’s image as a national leader with a strong foreign policy resume, he said, whether or not she has a role in a potential future Trump administration.

“It certainly keeps her on people’s radar screens,” McHenry said. “It may be less about what happens in 2024 and more about what happens in 2028.”

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