December 2011 Survey of Florida Registered Voters Regarding Gulf Restoration

In conjunction with Hamilton Campaigns, we surveyed Florida voters regarding Gulf Coast restoration, and found unanimity across partisan and geographic lines for a bill ensuring that the fines paid by BP are dedicated to that restoration. Click here to download the summary memo, here to download the complete questionnaire and results, and here for the presentation.

Gulf Restoration Figures

Gulf Restoration Toplines

Gulf Restoration Memo

November 2011 Resurgent Republic National Survey of Voters

Our latest survey for Resurgent Republic, conducted one year before the election, focused on: attitudes toward the President’s leadership; jobs, the economy, and regulations; government taxes and spending; and health care reform.

If President Obama’s reelection campaign is a referendum on the incumbent, as are almost all reelection campaigns, then he remains in deep trouble a year out from the election, because Americans believe the country is worse off than when he was inaugurated. Full results are available at

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September 2011 Resurgent Republic Survey of Hispanic Voters in Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico

In conjunction with the Hispanic Leadership Network, Resurgent Republic conducted 1200 interviews with Hispanic voters in three states – Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico – during September 6-10, 2011, with full results available at The surveys point to a number of opportunities for Republicans with Hispanics in these critical swing states, but significant challenges remain for Republicans in courting Hispanic voters.