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Topics We’re Polling

Topics We’re Polling

Senior Satisfaction with Medicare Part D

Our firm fielded a national live caller telephone survey of 800 senior registered voters on March 6-11, 2019.  All respondents confirmed that they are at least 65 years of age and enrolled in Medicare Part D.  While these voters are evenly split politically, they are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Part D drug plans, say they cover the drugs they need and are convenient to use, and they are satisfied with their out-of-pocket payments.

Senior voters with Part D plans have largely not heard about proposed changes to Part D, however, and will punish supporters of these changes at the polls if they result in increased premiums.  By double-digit margins, these voters say it is a bad idea to eliminate rebates and say the rebates reduce, rather than increase, costs.

PCMA Senior Voters Part D Survey Memo