Whit Ayres, March 4, 2024

Whit Ayres’ comments to NHK regarding the state of the presidential contest:

Reporter: “You recently said that if the election were held today, former President Donald Trump would win the election. Why do you say that?”

Ayres: “Joe Biden is the weakest incumbent President in America since Jimmy Carter, who lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980. The job approval ratings of both Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden are very similar. They’ve gone nothing but down. A big problem is Joe Biden’s age. A recent poll showed that 86% of Americans think he’s too old to serve effectively in a second term. 86% of Americans don’t agree on anything, except the fact that Joe Biden is too old to serve in a second term. So consequently, Donald Trump is ahead of Joe Biden in all the swing states and he would win a landsllde if the election were held today.

“There is so much riding on this election. I can’t help but think, given the unpopularity of both major figures, given the challenges they have coming up with trials and age, that this election may be decided by events that haven’t happened yet. We don’t know what could happen between now and November but it feels unstable. Yes, we’re very likely to get Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, but we need to hold at least in the back of our minds the possibility that something could happen to shake that up between now and November.”

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