Whit Ayres, July 7

Whit Ayres’ appearance on NewsNation, saying Democrats should move on from both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, was written up in The Hill newspaper:

“Democrats are much better off having an open convention where they can bring somebody new to the floor who is — would be a credible president,” Ayres said on Sunday. “I think that they’re far better off doing that than they are sticking with either Biden or Kamala Harris, both of whom are almost assured to lose to Donald Trump.”

When host Chris Stirewalt noted that putting forward someone new could be “dangerous” for Democrats, Ayres emphasized that presidential candidates have been nominated at national conventions before. The Democratic National Convention will be held August 19-22 in Chicago, where Biden is expected to be officially nominated as the party’s candidate.

“We have nominated presidential candidates in the past in conventions. The Democratic convention would get the highest viewership ever for a convention, and you’d have the possibility of bringing forward somebody else that America hasn’t been introduced to before who might actually be a very good president,” he said.

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