Jon McHenry, July 6

Jon McHenry discussed the effect of the presidential debate on swing states including New Hampshire in The Boston Globe:

Further fueling Republican hopes: a recent poll, taken in the immediate aftermath of the first general election debate, that shows Trump leading Biden by two percentage points in New Hampshire — a stark change from December 2023, when the same poll showed Biden besting Trump by 10 percentage points.

“If it wasn’t already, it sure came into play last Thursday,” said Jon McHenry, a national GOP pollster who grew up in New Hampshire, referring to the first general-election debate between Biden and Trump.

Republican “reach states,” including New Hampshire, “became more competitive after that performance,” McHenry said. A year ago, the state “absolutely” looked less competitive for Republicans, he said, “whereas now, you go, ‘Hey, that’s on the table.’”

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