Whit Ayres, March 3

Whit Ayres’ comments to The Washington Post regarding Donald Trump’s appeal to working class voters:

On the flip side, Republican pollster Whit Ayres said in an interview, Trump has bundled together all the resentments felt by voters experiencing both economic decline and cultural estrangement.

“His message is anti-expertise, anti-immigration, anti-intellectual, anti-media and anti-establishment at a time when many jobs have been sent overseas, particularly blue-collar jobs, and when many families were ravaged by the opioid crisis,” Ayres said. “There is an audience for that message.”

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Jon McHenry, February 29

Jon McHenry’s comments in the Daily Caller regarding Senator Bob Casey and the Biden Administration’s liquified natural gas pause:

“I think this pause is actually the worst of both worlds for Senator Casey. It’s very likely to hit Pennsylvania’s working class voters in the pocketbook, not only by leading to job losses in the state but also by driving up energy costs and continuing the inflation that has been one of the top issues since President Biden took office,” Jon McHenry, a GOP polling analyst who works for North Star Opinion Research, told the DCNF. “On the other side, he and Senator Fetterman issued a weak statement saying, in effect, ‘If this hurts Pennsylvania, we’ll have to have words with Joe Biden.’ That statement is too weak to demonstrate any independence, but by questioning it at all, Casey may have aggravated some environmentalists who may not turnout to support him in November.”

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