North Star Opinion Research is AAPC’s Republican Pollster of the Year!

We are proud to announce that the American Association of Political Consultants has named North Star Opinion Research its 2012 Republican Pollster of the Year:

Whit and his firm, North Star Opinion Research, founded Resurgent Republic with former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie. Resurgent Republic conducts polling and focus groups for center-right political candidates and organizations. Through the use of innovative liberal vs. conservative polling strategies, Resurgent Republic yields more insightful results. Resurgent Republic has also been a leader in capturing the opinion of Hispanic voters, with Whit lending a strong voice to the importance of this outreach effort.

North Star Opinion Research, along with The Mellman Group, Alliance for American Manufacturing, The Wessel Group, and Tracy Sefl, also won the award for 2012 Public Affairs Campaign of the Year:

The American Alliance for Manufacturing, a unique industry-labor partnership led by Scott Paul, is working to build support among policy makers for a manufacturing policy that will revive America’s manufacturing sector and make US industry more competitive. Leading with a bi-partisan polling team that included The Mellman Group and North Star Opinion Research and AAM consultants Michael Wessel and Tracy Sefl who scheduled briefings with media, policymakers, Senators, House Members and Hill staff as well as President Obama’s senior staff and GOP Presidential candidates, the spotlight was placed on concrete action to create manufacturing jobs. Policy makers soon adopted a manufacturing jobs agenda. Leadership on both sides of the aisle and in the White House embraced the strategy, producing and passing several pieces of legislation on AAM’s list, targeted at encouraging manufacturing growth and cracking down on unfair trade. The President made manufacturing policy the central theme of his State of the Union address.  Politico credited the team’s research and strategy with being, “the catalyst for the [Congress and the Administration’s] manufacturing agenda.”

Whit Ayres and Dan Judy accept AAPC's awards for Republican Pollster of the Year and Public Affairs Campaign of the Year.