Whit Ayres, October 18

Whit Ayres’ comments in Politico regarding ObamaCare in the 2014 elections:

Republicans, they say, can just let the spotlight return to the federal Obamacare website that breaks all the time — and any other implementation oopsies that happen along the way. That process is already underway, as House Republicans plan hearings on the website issues and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida warned that there will be a “revolt” over Obamacare in 2014.

“Getting the shutdown-debt limit debate behind us allows the problems with Obamacare to resurface. Those problems haven’t gone away,” said Republican pollster Whit Ayres, who had warned GOP lawmakers that the shutdown would be a major distraction from those problems.

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Whit Ayres, October 2

Whit Ayres’ comments in Politico on President Obama, ObamaCare, and the budget impasse:

“You reap what you sow,” said Whit Ayres, the veteran Republican pollster. “When you force through a major and very significant change to our economy, and you do it on a pure party-line vote, and at the very end change the rules to cram it through, you simply set up a long-term political battle that will never end.”

For his part, Obama would be entitled to think that the Republicans’ attempt to repeal or delay his signature initiative through the back-door means of a budget resolution to keep the government running is unreasonable. Indeed, GOP pollster Ayres notes that his surveys show that “shutting down the government is the one way to change Obamacare into a negative political issue for the Republicans.” Asked why the tea party insisted on such tactics, he replied, “You’ll have to ask them. They’re obviously not persuaded by the available data.”

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Jon McHenry, September 19

Jon McHenry’s comments in US News and World Report on ObamaCare and a potential government shutdown:

On its own, GOP pollster Jon McHenry says repealing and dismantling Obamacare is a great issue that attracts the Republican base, a majority of independents and even a fraction of Democratic voters to the GOP ticket.

“Where we lose is where we link Obamacare to the CR,” McHenry says, referring to the continuing resolution battle Congress is embroiled in.

Independents won’t go for a government shutdown even if it would stop Obamacare in its tracks, he explains.

“It jeopardizes Republicans maintaining control of the House and even gaining control of the Senate, which they are in a position to do in 2014,” McHenry says.

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Jon McHenry, September 2

Jon McHenry’s comments in the Washington Times regarding President Obama and the budget:

“Has he been trying to sell his budget priorities?” asked Republican pollster Jon McHenry, vice president of North Star Strategies. “I’m sure there are some folks in upstate New York who appreciate that he’s been out on the hustings. But there’s so much attention on Obamacare, defunding it or delaying it, and Syria on the other side, that I don’t know if anybody is getting any sense of his budget priorities.”

The collapse of talks raised concerns that Washington could be headed for a government shutdown. Mr. McHenry said his polling suggests that would be a mistake for the GOP.
“What we’re seeing in our polling and in the public polling is that Republicans are in fantastic shape when they’re talking about Obamacare, and that includes with independents, right up until the point where you start talking about the government,” he said. “At that point, it becomes more of an ideological issue where you start to lose some independents, and some Republicans, too.”

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Dan Judy, August 8

Dan Judy’s comments on ObamaCare for US News and World Report:

Republican pollster Dan Judy said while the idea may appear overwhelmingly popular among the loudest tea party voices at town halls, only half of Republicans support it and nationally it is an election loser.

“It is short-sighted to divide our base and send independents into the arms of Democrats over this shutdown issue,” Judy says.

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Jon McHenry, July 3

Jon McHenry’s quote on Republican messaging on the ObamaCare ruling in Talking Points Memo:

“It’s not as clean and on-message as Republican strategists might prefer,” said Jon McHenry, an unaligned D.C.-based GOP consultant and pollster. “But it’s a one-day, inside-the-Beltway, ‘what are these guys doing?’ story as opposed to taking the tax issue off the table for the next five months.”

Down ballot, the tax argument still works, McHenry said.

“[Senate] Democrats aren’t going to put Mitt Romney on air defending their position. They’re just not,” he said. “It’s more a missed opportunity for the Romney campaign than it is a detriment to other [GOP] campaigns.”

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Whit Ayres, June 8

Whit Ayres’ comments on President Obama’s health care law in Politico:

“President Obama never persuaded the majority of the country that the direction he wanted to go with health care was the right direction,” said GOP pollster Whit Ayres. “Consequentially, he can’t possibly run on it because Americans think overwhelmingly it will not decrease their health care costs, it will increase their health insurance premiums, increase their taxes, increase the deficit and hurt the quality of their care.

“That is a stunning accomplishment for a major piece of legislation,” Ayres added, with tongue firmly in cheek.

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March 2012 Survey for YG Policy Center

Our March survey for the YG Policy Center, conducted with 1,000 registered voters nationally, focused on attitudes regarding the 2010 health care reform law.

The results show that, nearly two years after its passage, voters remain opposed to the health care reform law, are skeptical of its effects, and think President Obama’s claims about the law before its passage are not true.

Our presentation of the results can be seen here. An analysis memo written for the YG Network is available here, and the full results are available here.

Whit Ayres, February 14/Medicare

Whit Ayres’ comments on Paul Ryan and Medicare in Kaiser Health News:

“Ryan is a hero to conservative Republicans,” said Republican pollster Whit Ayres. “They see him as a brave guy who took on a program that is going bankrupt.”

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The Context of the Health Care Debate in 2012

Jon McHenry discusses the context of the health care debate in the 2012 elections.